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iBio’s biologics capabilities include process development, bioanalytics, cGMP manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish, quality & regulatory services, and Factory Solutions.



The FastPharming™ platform includes “at scale” transfection of plants for biologics manufacturing, as well as powerful glycan engineering tools.



Fast, scalable, safe, flexible, high-quality, eco-friendly, economical, superior glycosylation control.

iBio – Your Fast, Next-Generation CDMO Partner

Imagine producing your biologic for in vitro/in vivo analysis in weeks rather than months or enabling GMP manufacturing for clinical trials in months rather than years. iBio’s FastPharming expression technologies allow you to do just that, with ~100 milligram quantities of protein in as fast as 6 weeks, gram quantities in 3 months, and greater than 10g of cGMP material in only 8 months.

We’re experts in plant-based production of consistently high-quality antibodies, enzyme replacement therapies, subunit vaccines, and materials for 3D bioprinting/biofabrication. So, whether it’s an innovative new product or a biosimilar or biobetter, we can support your development objectives. Of course, we offer a path to commercialization as your CDMO. However, we can also provide you with access to the FastPharming platform for insourcing your manufacturing via our Factory Solutions “design and build” services.

iBio CDMO Services

iBio offers a full suite of CDMO services needed to develop and deliver a protein-based therapeutic to market, including process development, scale-up, cGMP manufacturing, bioanalytical protein characterization, aseptic fill and finish, and quality and regulatory support.

Process Development

iBio's process development services include proprietary approaches that improve gene expression, assure robust processes for optimal product performance and quality, determine proper purification parameters for scale-up, and much more.

cGMP Manufacturing

Our FastPharming platform gives you access to a production scale adapted to your needs—from grams to more than 100-kilogram quantities—as well as downstream purification meeting the highest standards, all within our state-of-the-art facility.

Aseptic Fill/Finish

iBio’s aseptic fill/finish services incorporate in-line labeling allowing serialization of vials and bottles as they are filled for greater quality assurance.


Our experienced analytical staff provides method development and validation support with unique capabilities in protein characterization using mass spectrometry.

Quality & Regulatory

We build quality into your products, and we can guide you through the well-established regulatory paths for plant-based biologics manufacturing.

Factory Solutions

Factory Solutions facilitate insourcing by providing open access to the FastPharming platform, and our design and build services.

iBio’s FastPharming™

Let us help you to overcome the limitations of other expression systems, sidestep burdensome cell line development, and avoid risky and time-consuming scale-up, allowing you to speed time-to-market. FastPharming can handle the complex and novel biologics emerging from today's pipeline to provide you with an economical, eco-friendly, consistently high-quality product that is easy to scale throughout your product’s lifecycle.

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