iBio's Global Commercialization Program Begins with a Three-Part Go-To-Market Strategy

Three part go-to market strategy step 1

Produce & sell biosimilars and vaccines in Brazil under government sponsorship (our gateway to the world markets)

Three part go-to market strategy step 2

Sell iBio Technology proprietary products to global markets

Three part go-to market strategy step 3

License iBio Technology for drug development and technology enhancement

Global Market Opportunity

Global biologics market is expected to grow at 11% CAGR to $221 billion by 2017

Model for Global Expansion

Launching iBio in Brazil set a steady pace for expanding projects into the global market.

Operating protocols and regulatory assets currently established in Brazil can be replicated for other demanding markets.

Advantages of Launching in Brazil

With the goal of increasing domestically produced biosimilars to replace expensive imported biologics, the Brazilian government is offering iBio support via capital, incentives and valuable partnerships.

Regulatory support is offered via ANVISA–issued guidelines that encourage the development of biologics and biosimilars in Brazil.

From an established base in Brazil, iBio can expand globally. 

Benefits of Brazilian Government Licensing iBio Technology

  • Introduction to leading global biologics manufacturer, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos
    • A commercial agreement was signed in 2010
    • An iBio Technology-produced yellow fever vaccine is the partnership’s first product.
      • It is in development and is fully funded by the Brazilian government
  • A commitment to a new iBio Technology multipurpose manufacturing facility, backed by the Brazilan government
    • The new facility is managed by iBio, Bio-Manguinhos, GE Healthcare and Fraunhofer
  • Additional product funding and development commitments are expected

Future relationships will be managed principally by iBio’s subsidiary, iBio do Brasil BIOFARMACÊUTICA, which is headed by seasoned local managers

Additional Product Candidates

The iBio Technology has enabled a pipeline of mutually identified biosimilar candidates for joint development with Bio-Manguinhos.

Initial Market Opportunity1
BioSimilar Product Medical Use Brazil Market Size
Bevacizumab or Ranibizumab Macular degeneration $38M
C1 Esterase Inhibitor Hereditary angioedema $113M
Palivizumab Pediatric RSV prevention $195M
Etanercept Rheumatoid arthritis $300M+
iBio Total Market Opportunity 646M+
1) iBio market size estimates. These opportunities are under evaluation and discussion, and may or may not include Bio-Manguinhos participation.

Current Expansions

  • iBio has partnered with Kanematsu Chemicals Corporation to market the iBio Technology platform in Japan
  • iBio Brazil is addressing the Brazilian private sector for joint venture opportunities and independent product development with Brazilian financing.