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CDMO Services


Bioanalytics and Protein Characterization Expertise

At iBio, we understand the complex analytical and regulatory requirements for large molecules. Whether part of our FastPharming® Manufacturing or as a standalone service, we can support your methods development and qualification/validation needs.

Bioanalytics Capabilities

Mass Spec Multi-Attribute Method
Intact Protein Analysis
  • Proteoform determination of proteins
    • Glycoforms
    • Sequence variants
  • Middle-down characterization for monoclonal antibodies
    • Heavy chain and/or light chain
    • Fab and Fc
  • ADC characterization / Stoichiometric determination
Bottom-up Proteomic Assays
  • Amino acid sequence confirmation
  • Identification of post-translational modifications
  • Identification of sequence variants
  • Glycopeptide identification
  • Disulfide bridge mapping
Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) Profiling
N-glycan Profiling