CDMO Services

Process Development

Process Development Capabilities

iBio's process development team is integrated with its manufacturing team to optimize processes and technology transfer.

  • From de novo gene sequence to protein production in three weeks
  • No cell line development
  • Simultaneous evaluation of multiple product candidates
  • Early, in-depth product characterization
  • Rapid production of gram quantities for in vitro and/or pre-clinical testing
  • Robust development and seamless scale-up to our cGMP manufacturing facility
  • Each plant is a standalone bioreactor providing consistent expression at any scale

FastPharming® Allows You to Start Right and Save Time

  • A true transient expression system that can handle the complex and novel candidates emerging from today’s pipelines
  • Proprietary approaches to drive higher overall product yields including enhancement of gene expression and increased downstream unit operation productivity
  • Development of target product profiles with customized N-glycosylation

Seamless Scalability

To ensure seamless scale-up to commercial production levels, iBio’s pilot facility uses the same biomass production and downstream processes as the cGMP facility. In fact, the pilot facility was designed as a direct scale-down from the manufacturing facility and is fully integrated within the manufacturing site to improve technology transfer efficiency.

  • Milligram to gram quantities
  • Process optimization — from expression to formulation
  • Technology transfer ready — processes designed for scale
  • Protein characterization to meet your needs