Jack Owens

Associate Director of Quality Assurance



Jack Owens

Jack Owens is a quality management professional with a background in: (1) regulated environments (cGMP and ISO compliance) and research centers.  Jack has ten plus years of experience working at facilities that use plant-based transient expression systems for recombinant protein production.  This experience includes participating in: facility design, construction, validation, and development of Quality Management Systems supporting four successful phase 1 clinical trials under accelerated timelines.

Jack’s additional roles in industry include: Quality Assurance Management at WuXi AppTec, Quality Assurance Management at Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management at SPI Polyols, research at Campbell Soup Company, product development and analytical support at Zeneca Inc, and method development at DuPont Agricultural Products.

Jack has a proven ability to build strong relationships with staff and clients using technical abilities, leadership skills and behaviors, and commitment acquired during professional experience.  He is accomplished in quality management, compliance leadership using technical and analytical writing skills, auditing, process improvement, and risk management.  Additionally, Jack is adept at creating a high-performance oriented culture. Jack’s background, his experience, and his ability as a self-managed professional has enabled him to be a significant contributor within industry.