Nicolas Taquet, M.S.

Vice President Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Nicolas Taquet, M.S.

Nicolas leads biopharmaceutical manufacturing at iBio CDMO. He is responsible for the agronomy group, the midstream production group which includes the infiltration and harvest of plants, and the downstream purification groups. With more than two decades of experience in the development of biologics, bioprocess design, and facilities design, Nicolas has helped five biotech companies conduct clinical trials in the United States.

Before joining iBio CDMO, Nicolas held management positions at Immuno-Design Molecules/IDM Pharma, Baylor Institute for Immunology Research, ODC Therapy, and Gradalis. This experience included working within ISO 7 and ISO 6 cleanroom environments for 18 years. His responsibilities included the preparation of patient cell products, operator training, management of 18 cell processing centers throughout the world, process optimization, validation of cleaning methods, qualification of test methods, and commissioning of facilities. Nicolas helped develop tissue procurement kits, organized the logistics for the receiving of patient tissues and shipment of patient doses for 28 clinical sites. He was a member of the design team for the iBio facility.

In 1993 Nicolas earned an undergraduate degree in biotechnology from the University of Orsay in Paris, France and in 2004 obtained a Master of Science from Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, also in Paris, in cellular and molecular biology. He has authored seven articles.