FastPharming™ Tech

FastPharming Technologies

Advantages of Plant Based Protein Production

  • Fast. FastPharming shortens timelines to the clinic and can move a program from gene sequence to protein production in as little as three weeks.
  • Economical. No expensive, labor-intensive, and costly cell line development
  • Quality. Production of consistent therapeutics that are well-accepted by global regulatory bodies
  • Scalable. No time-consuming scale-up challenges
  • Safe. Inherently enhanced product safety profile
    • No animal products or animal-derived components are used at any point in FastPharming.
    • No inherent adventitious agents and no competency for agent replication
  • Customized N-glycosylation. FastPharming allows for N-glycosylation customization of products.

Advantages of Plant Based Glycan Engineering

Plants Facilitate Better Glycosylation Control

  • Bacteria do not glycosylate
  • Yeast hyperglycosylates
  • Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) or myeloma mammalian lines do not precisely mimic human glycosylation patterns

Standard Plant N-Glycans

  • Homogeneous
  • No sialylation
  • No galactose capping

Afucosylated N-Glycans

  • Increased ADCC*
  • No sialylation
  • No galactose capping

Afucosylated Humanized N-Glycans

  • Increased ADCC*
  • Galactose capping
  • No sialylation

Humanized N-Glycans

  • Human glycoform
  • Biosimilar option
  • No sialylation

Oligomannose N-Glycans

  • Increased cellular drug uptake
  • Lower serum half-life
*ADCC, Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity