SARS-CoV-2 is a strain of coronaviruses that was introduced to human populations from an animal source in the Chinese province of Hubei in late 2019. The spread of infection has since been driven by human-to-human transmission. Efficient medical countermeasures to block the progress of a disease, about which little is known, are central to global health.


IBIO-200 is a vaccine candidate for COVID-19 based on iBio’s own Virus-Like Particle (VLP)-Based Platform. VLP-based vaccines interact with immune cells differently than soluble antigens and trigger both humoral and cellular responses. IBIO-200 is being designed with the approach of incorporating the receptor binding motif (RBM) of SARS-CoV-2 within the VLP structure to direct antigen presentation to activate both polyfunctional CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and increase the overall immune response. This design allows for a multivalent particle displaying high density antigens to the immune system in a highly structured format.

Combined with iBio’s FastPharming manufacturing system, iBio’s technology delivers a tightly controlled particle size, leading to better dose definition and higher product consistency. The first VLP vaccine was approved in 1998, and the safety and effectiveness of additional VLP-based vaccines have been well documented since that time. IBIO-200 is being designed to provide a safe and protective COVID-19 vaccine.


The immune response after vaccination with IBIO-200 is being evaluated in mice.